What’s “special” about a “specialty food store”?

You can expect a true gourmet store to carry superlative, highly curated products, and to be able to explain what to do with them. For example GourmetPhile has Lance Goldberg, who has lived and breathed great wine for over 20 years. It’s even nicer if the store is beautifully appointed and elegant. Check. 
We kicked it up another notch by adding a boutique, highly curated wine selection and a deeply knowledgeable sommelier, Jeffrey Faine. Great food and great wine – killer combination. 
Then we added a tasting room, where you can enjoy a glass or bottle along with a sandwich or a plate of cheese or charcuterie or caviar or anything else from the store. Great food and great wine and you can eat it right here?
Next we decided we needed to be a Mecca for foodies and oenophiles, so we started hosting fabulous wine tastings with gourmet food pairings, beer and food classes etc. There is nowhere else in Boca that is a nexus for such an eclectic community of gourmands and wine lovers. Come enjoy the comraderie of people who love fine food and drink. Great food and great wine and great company. Wow. 
Add to this, fabulous custom gift baskets, catering and yacht provisioning, private parties, delivery and all the other cool stuff we do and it’s easy to see why we are special. We are a one stop shop for goodies – and there is no place else like this in South Florida 🙂

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